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West Coast Regional Showcase


***Please remember to keep all documents with you all weekend***

For this event we MUST have a completed and signed CoVid Screening Form AND Liability & Risk Agreement Form completed for EACH PLAYER.  These do not need to be uploaded to GotSoccer, but they will need to be physically handed in to tournament staff at headquarters at the start of the tournament. We will need to SEE each player’s medical release form as well. (we do not need to keep a copy though)

Upload to Gotsoccer team account documents tab by Monday, Oct 5:

  • Official Team Roster
  • All Participating Player cards
  • Any Guest Player Forms and Cards
  • This Completed Manager Checklist

Do not upload to Gotsoccer, but bring the below items for on field check-in prior to first game. Confirm you have for each player:

  • COVID Screening Form – 1 per player required, will be collected
  • Liability & Risk Agreement – 1 per player required, will be collected
  • Medical Release Form – 1 per player required, will be checked, returned, and asked to keep at the field during all games by the team manager.


COVID Screening Form
Liability & Risk Agreement
Manager Checklist - (Must be signed and uploaded)